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Peter Pan Goes Wrong | FAQS

Q: How to order tickets, eScripts, and books?

A: Ordering in PlayItWright can be done in numerous ways. We accept orders through online, this is the fastest and easiest method to order. To begin your order, just simply choose the products you want and click the buy buttons at the top of any product profile page. By Phone, you can definitely order over the phone, please browse through our Contact page for our toll-free number and hours of operation. You can also email your order through us, our email address can also be found in the contact page.

Q: Do I need to set up an account on your website to begin an order?

A: Yes. In order to protect the copyright of our Books and eScripts, we need to collect a little information of our buyers. We hope you understand our process of selling.

Q: What is eScripts?

A: eScripts is a digital version of play scripts from traditional to printed edition to digital edition. Yes, play scripts can now read on your own personal gadgets such as phones, tablets, iPads, and laptops. A little note for those who want to buy eScripts with us, you have an Adobe ID first before downloading the eScripts also, this is not printable.

Q: When I order a ticket online, where do I pick them?

A: That was a nice question! Many people stumble on how to pick up their tickets. Actually, you don’t have to go on our office just to pick your tickets, when you’ve purchased a theater play ticket, a reference and seat number will be sent to you once you confirm your ordered ticket. You can print it and show it on the venue.