Katherine Carlton

Katherine Carlton

Training: LAMDA.

Theatre includes: Much Ado About Nothing (The Old Vic), Followers (Southwark Playhouse) Grandad, Me and Teddy Too (Polka Theatre) The Lone Pine Club (Pentabus), All That Lives (Oval House) Inkheart (Home MCR).

5 stars “Joyful disasters from comedy masters. GORGEOUS!”

“Ridiculously funny, cleverly structured and the hard work of the cast and production crew certainly pays off”

5 stars “Technically challenging and hilariously funny. We were in tears of laughter”

4 stars “Hilarious confusion. The physical comedy really tickles the ribs”

5 stars “This is a comic creation dripping with ideas, all made to look so effortless”

5 stars “A must see. I can see us talking about it for a long time to come”

“A total triumph. The needle on the laughometer is overworked to breaking point”