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PlayItWright is an independent publisher of theater plays and musicals, established in 1995 by sisters and playwrights Jane and Jenny Moore. Writing and acting is their passion, they’ve been both stage actresses in their college schools and graduated in the same fields.

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PlayItWright plays and musicals is a great platform for all of theater actors and actresses, playwrights and theater lovers out there. We are allowing amateur and professional productions to publish their new theater play and scripts on our website according to our standards. We feature the upcoming theater plays, binder books, collections, and eScripts and is available to customers who want to buy scripts from us.

We are committed to getting us involved in theater play and innovation and we are proud to say that because of it, we made it to the top in the industry. Our specializes and techniques in marketing reach beyond the traditional one. We focus on everything about theater plays only to connect new plays with audiences and new in this world of theater playing.

We provide a unique service for our co-playwrights, customers, and viewers. Guests can search for titles, plays or kind of stories that fit their specific needs, buy books and performance rights, read blogs and lengthy scripts online with ease.

We hope that audiences will continue to support our playwrights, productions, actors, and actresses as well, as they’ve strived to give all their hard work to have great and amazing performances. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter for free. Subscribing benefits you in many ways, you will receive an update on everything about theater plays. You may browse other parts of our site that is available to you so you can know more about PlayItWright website. Also, the Peter Pan Goes Wrong theater play is our feature play today. If you want to buy tickets, you can buy in all ticket outlets or here on our website for your convenience.